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Jenny Neffendorf

Jenny Neffendorf

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I have been in the Real Estate business since 1997. I have seen many changes in my career, most of which have benefited our industry.
I have lived in Fredericksburg since 1991. My family is from Fort Worth, TX., but somehow, we ended up on the East Coast in Weston Ct. ( I have a twin sister, so I speak in the plural.
My family lived there from 5th grade through high school and into two years of college in Boston, Mass. From there, I transferred to the West Coast, Pepperdine University, where I graduated.
When you are a Texan but find yourself living elsewhere, your whole time is spent figuring out how to get back to Texas. At 31 years old, I finally made it back! My parent retired and bought a ranch where we enjoyed many years making memories. 
In Fredericksburg, I came for Christmas and never looked back.!!!! Back then, it was a quaint little country German town where the grocery store was closed on Sunday, as well as most of Main Street. The grocery store isn’t closed on Sunday anymore, and neither is Main Street. We have become a thriving tourist town with entertainment, restaurants, wineries, shops, and anything you can think of.
I have loved my Real Estate career. Despite all the ups and downs, it’s been very fulfilling. It is heartwarming, from the people I meet to the lives I get to touch, to help, maybe with a dream or two. The homes I see and decorating ideas (and "what are they thinking!" ones) have been enjoyable through the years.  Many of them have become friends because you spend so much time together. It's just a natural step. Then, when they come back over the years, that’s just the icing on the cake, knowing they trust you that much.
 In my “spare” time, my husband Gary of 28 years and I spend time in the garden; in a good tomato year, we give away the fruits of our labor to all our neighbors and friends, pretty much anyone that would take a bag from me. I also enjoy baking and cooking, especially when the bread rises. That’s always exciting to me! My college degree was in Art History and Fine Arts, so as an offshoot, I dabbled in watercolors. I was honored with the Food and Wine Festival Poster for Fredericksburg, Tx....my 5 minutes of claim to Fame. 
Real Estate is a big part of me. I will always want to help people. That’s my personality, and I can’t do blood, so nursing is out of the question. :-) 

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